Bharatiya Elakiya Mantaram
Pammal Sri Sankara Vidyalaya has many Intra clubs. One among them is the "Bharathiyar Elakiya Mandram" for Tamil. Spiritual and intellectual programs are staged by the mandram every year. This year (2009-2010) Educational development day was celebrated by the Mandram in a grand manner. Competitions were conducted and prizes were distributed.
Every year Marghazi Mahotsavam is celebrated by the Mandram. The students recite the Thiruppavai. The salient features of Bharathiar Mandram are:-
1) To enrich Tamil
2) To inculcate moral values
3) To bring awareness of global warming.
4) To remove intolerance.
5) To abolish caste & creed
6) To groom the child into a good citizen
Rabindranath Tagore English Literary Association (RTELA)
The RTELA works with the aim of improving the students' knowledge of not only English but also other subjects. It conducts a written quiz competition every fortnight involving students of all classes. Objective type questions from all subjects and other fields like religion, sports, GK, literature etc., are put up on notice boards and students are given a week's time to answer. Two prize winners are selected on a first come first serve basis, and the prizes are distributed at the annual valedictory function of the association.
Every year an Inter school spelling Bee competition is held. Students from nearby school are invited to show their skill in the spelling of English words, rearranging jumbled letters in a word and homophones. Prizes are distributed to the winners on the Annual Day function every year.
The RTELA also works with the aim to help teachers improve their methods of teaching the English language. Seminars, guest lectures, workshops etc. are conducted and resource persons are invited to share their valuable views and ideas with the teachers.
In short the RTELA's objective is the all round development of the written and spoken English of the teacher and the taught.
Karuna Club
Aim : The word Karuna means love, sympathy, pity etc. In our school, the "Karuna Club" was started in the year 2000.
Activities : To inculcate kindness in the heart of the students towards human beings, animals and nature.
Every year the following activities are taken through our Karuna Club.New members are added.
1) Rice is collected from the children and teachers and given to orphanages, old age homes etc.
2) Children are made to visit and entertain the people in the above homes frequently.
3) Old clothes in good condition are collected and given to orphans and old people living in homes
4) Trees are planted in and around the campus.
5) Vermicompost is used to protect nature.
6) Competitions are conducted in the following topics based on karuna
i) Essay writing
ii) Elocution
iii) Drawing and Painting
iv) Art and culture (Drama, dance & camp; song)
v) Vermicompost is used to protect nature.
7) Children are sensitized on the importance of vegetarianism.
8) Quiz Competitions are conducted based on the book - "Stories of compassion".
Scouts and Guides
The scouts, guides, cubs and bulbul are the 4 pillars to develop the individual personalities. Here we give much importance for the activities. The students are trained in the fundamentals of scouting and guiding, duty to god, to the country, to help other people. Our students help the school authorities by helping them in parking the cycles of the students, traffic management near the school gate, and taking care of the primary children in the morning and guiding them to their respective classes. Not only that, they have also adopted the Sundara Anjanayar temple in our area for service and render help when ever they need it. Our scouts and guides also take part in the National Jamboree - state and district level programme regularly.
The school has so far produced 25 Rajya puraskar award students and 8 Rashtrapati scouts and 1 Rastrapatis guides. Recently the scouts & camp; guides participated in the Inter Patrol competition conducted by N.S.N. Matriculation school and brought laurels to the school. In the same way ample opportunities are given to encourage the cubs, bulbul and bunny section in the school. In connection with this the students were taken to a one day cub pack holiday to Pakkam. The scouts and guides activities are taken care by 4 well trained teachers.
All Faiths Prayers-Guides & Scouts
Valedictory of Guides & Camp; Scouts Camp
Our student Miss.Jayashree receiving Rajya Puraskar award
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